My Name – Brenda Giselle Guerra (7)

Mi nombre es Brenda Giselle Guerra. Cuando pienso en mi nombre pienso en como ejemplifica mi identidad. Desde mi infancia en México y en el valle del sur de Texas, siempre he sentido que mi nombre es uno de esos aspectos que reiteran mi estado en nepantla. En ambos idiomas suena similar, pero evidentemente crea […]

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My Name – Kristi Tilghman (5)

In early 2019, Eilidh spent a semester at Trinity as a Fulbright Royal Society of Edinburgh Visiting Scholar working with the inimitable Prof Norma Cantú. In our class ‘Latinx Cultural and Artistic Expressions’ we read and discussed Sandra Cisneros’ story ‘My Name’ from The House on Mango Street. Students reflected on the importance of names and […]

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My Name – Shelby Smith (4)

Today’s piece is by Shelby Smith.   Let My Name Speak for Itself My name is soft, quiet and unheard; no loud vowels to be spoken out of place, nothing that makes heads shake in disapproval. She sits in the corner, her hands in her lap, behaving and forgotten. She is too mild mannered to […]

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