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Thanks to everyone who is reading our past blog posts and checking in with The SALSA Collective. Apologies for the hiatus on new material, we’re very busy on other projects at the moment but will be back soon with more blogs on all things latinidad. If you’re interested in writing a Guest Blog for us, then […]

English con SALSA

  Gina Valdés, ‘English con salsa,’ Revista Chicana-Riqueña/The Americas Review, 21 (1993) The SALSA panel at this year’s IAAS and BAAS conference addressed the ways in which Spanish (as well as other languages) is used in contemporary American/Américan fiction and sought to challenge the often Anglo-centric direction of such discussions at American Studies conferences on […]

The Subversive Form and Content of Ana Castillo’s The Mixquiahuala Letters

As part of the SALSA Collective’s panel at next month’s IBAAS conference, I will be discussing prolific Chicana author Ana Castillo’s first novel, The Mixquiahuala Letters (1986). Reading the text through the lens of Castillo’s theoretical writings on Xicanisma (the author’s coinage for Chicana feminism), I will explore how the novel’s form and content work […]

Textual Equality: Latin America translates/translated – Guest Blog by Rebecca DeWald

My way into Latin American studies was through Borges. But it is contemporary Argentine writers who kept my interest in the subject fired. I am a translator and fascinated by anything involving language transfers, but also translations of ideas, thoughts, concepts, art forms and anything that can be reshaped, remodelled and redrafted. Like many other […]

Guest Blog: Kiron Ward on Latinidad in Austin, TX

Over the past few months, I have been lucky enough to take my studies to Austin, Texas— just north of the same border/frontera famously described by everyone’s favourite Chicana theorist as ‘una herida abierta where the Third World grates against the first and bleeds’ (Anzaldúa, 1987, p.3). The Texas Gloria Anzaldúa wrote about in Borderlands/La Frontera was […]

Guest Blog: Indigenous films on the borders by Arianna Mancini

After attending a conference about the cultural production on the US-Canadian border, I have started considering how the border issues are central to the indigenous film production in North America. The interaction between indigenous people and non-indigenous people across the borders and the kind of films indigenous people produce as a result of that interaction […]