Hijas/os de la Malinche? CfP deadline extended

Good news! We’ve extended our CfP deadline now that we have confirmed our two speakers Julia Tuñón Pablos & Adriana Díaz Enciso. The deadline for proposals is 4th September 2015.   Tuñón Pablos’ groundbreaking Mujeres en México: Una historia olvida (1987) was the first comprehensive historical account of women’s contributions to building the nation and remains […]

The importance of civil participation in the reshaping of Mexico’s situation – Guest Blog by Victoria Dittmar & Gustavo Iriarte

July 2012. Enrique Peña Nieto wins Mexico’s presidential election amid ongoing demonstrations and protests against him and his party. Three years later, the situation has not gotten any better and a large part of active civil society members demand him to resign. Why? Peña Nieto represents the PRI, the party that ruled Mexico for 71 […]