#BookHour – Storify of our discussion

Thanks to our amigas/friends over at BAAS USSO, last month’s #BookHour discussion of Mañana Means Heaven has been Storified!

Check out what we discussed here: Storify of #BookHour

During April’s #BookHour discussion Dr Niamh Thornton, Dr Nicola Moffat, Eilidh Hall and Dr Donna Maria Alexander discussed the deeper meaning of the narrative and paratextual elements of the novel, the significance of biography in the third person, and how the landscape and cityscape functions alongside the two key characters of Bea Franco and Jack Kerouac. A number of questions arose from the discussion, including the extent to which the novel mediates differing notions of the American Dream in relation to race gender and class, and how the novel can be read as a departure and even a critique Kerouac’s traditional ethnographer stance to authorship and writing. They rounded off the discussion by considering other books that have retold stories of marginal characters in books and history. The discussion leaders were joined by the author, Tim Z. Hernandez who responded to their questions and commentary. (from the BAAS USSO website)

Keep an eye out for future #BookHour conversations!


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