Guest Blog: Marcia X

It is because of the strength of my ancestors, I am able to write this piece today. I, like so many others, am a product of colonialism. My experience as a member of the Diaspora only reinforces the state of my unhomeliness (as Bhaba puts it) in the Western world, even though my mother is from Puerto Rico […]

‘Manifest Destiny’ by Marcia X

What kind are you? You’re Native American, What type? Says the lady as she sits with curlers setting her hair, looking up at me, bewildered as to why I am slightly bewildered. I am the native whose history has no copy right laws protecting its existence. I am the native whose grandfather has lived almost […]

#BookHour – Storify of our discussion

Thanks to our amigas/friends over at BAAS USSO, last month’s #BookHour discussion of Mañana Means Heaven has been Storified! Check out what we discussed here: Storify of #BookHour During April’s #BookHour discussion Dr Niamh Thornton, Dr Nicola Moffat, Eilidh Hall and Dr Donna Maria Alexander discussed the deeper meaning of the narrative and paratextual elements of the novel, […]