Guest Blog: The Tarahumara Runners by Jeannine Escobar

Hola! My hometown, Miami, FL is rich in Latino/Hispanic culture, so Cinco de Mayo is always seen as a time to celebrate Mexican heritage. After living in London for almost five years, I’ve finally accepted that the same level of celebration doesn’t resonate. Although I remain connected to my Latina roots, mostly through experimenting with my mother’s Honduran/Caymanian recipes in the kitchen, I still miss that time of year where Mexican cuisine, music, and yes, a few cervezas are pillars for a day of Mexican- inspired merriment. Before I was born, my mother used to work as an accountant for Chiquita Banana, and was given the opportunity to live and travel through Mexico, so she has a deep fondness for Mexico which she shared with me.

Last year, I joined Run Dem Crew and my passion for running has catapulted again, because of the genuine camaraderie shared by everyone in the group in addition to this incessant desire to arrive at our best daily. In the book, Born To Run by Christopher McDougall, he documents his experience running with the Tarahumara tribe, but what was truly fascinating was learning that women play a great role in the running community as well.
gyal dem RunchAs Cinco de Mayo rolled around, I wanted to fuse two things I enjoy naturally. Fortunately a few of the Gyal Dem of RDC were on board and decided to dedicate our weekly #RUNch to the amazing Tarahumara women. Lemara is such a connector, so the word spread. Harriet, one of the lovely girls, even purchased festive paper mache masks to wear on our tribute run, but forgot them in the frenzy of the morning.


In a society saturated by materialism, we were humbled by how dedicated the Tarahumara women are to their running ability and even create sandals made from old tires to navigate through intense mountainous terrain, sometimes 200+ miles at a time. In spite of being perfectly capable of running several hundred miles, the Tarahumara woman cannot always participate as she is responsible for childcare and household duties so is forced to stay behind.

TarahumaraThis year Cinco de Mayo, 5th of May, fell on a Bank holiday so we were all able meet in beautiful Kensington Gardens for a 5 mile run in homage to the phenomenal women of the Tarahumara tribe. We hope next year we can build on this year’s energy and expand awareness of the richness of Mexican heritage, highlighting the inspirational Tarahumara women.

Muchas gracias to Jeannine for sharing this with The SALSA Collective. And thanks to Lemara for making it happen.


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