Welcome to the SALSA Collective!

The SALSA Collective is a multi-disciplinary research community for UK based scholars with interests in latinidad across the Americas.

The aim of Scholars of América Latina Studying desde Afuera (SALSA) is to bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines who explore, highlight, and challenge the complex and nuanced aspects of Latino/a culture.

The SALSA Collective provides a space, currently absent in the UK, where dialogues concerning Latino/a culture, literature, music, film, history, politics can take place. Our goal is to promote the study of latinidad outside the conventional boundaries of academic and geo-political borders. We hope to encourage the reconceptualisation of Latino/a identity by seeing it as a fluid, dynamic, and significant force.

By fostering this dialogue, we hope to see Latino/a cultural studies move from the margin to the centre. We invite people to join the collective by adding to the discussion through Twitter, our WordPress blog, and hopefully future SALSA events.

If you’re interested then contact us at hola@thesalsacollective.co.uk or via Twitter @SALSAcollective.

Or fill in the form below:


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